Thursday, November 4, 2010

A picture is worth...?

I recently read an article that stated that houses with high quality photos eventually sell with a higher average price than properties marketed with poor photography.  This article excited me because I've always taken pride in the way that I market a home, both with the copy I use in the ad and the ways that I capture the spaces that the house offers with my camera.  I also spend a lot time editing, cropping and brightening my photos before I post them for the public to see. 

It almost angers me that some agents take listings and put little to no effort into their marketing. Short abbreviated text(when they have plenty of room to write more), blurry photos, sideways pictures, pictures with people and/or pets in them, timestamped photos and out-of-season (snow in July) are the kinds of things that irk me . Some agents can't even get out of their car to take the exterior photo of the house.  I just don't understand how someone could do such a disservice to their client.

I was very tempted to display some examples, but I decided to restrain myself to avoid any confrontations or issues that might arise.  I don't want to make any enemies out there, but just wanted to voice myself on the subject.


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